Arts Infused

Gardes 4 to 8

The Arts Infused program is designed to encourage and assist teachers in their commitment to integrate arts practices into their classrooms. This award-winning gallery and studio day is offered for grades 4 - 8 for a limited time, twice a year with a chosen exhibition.

Special Pricing
$10 per student (incl. HST) thanks to the Durham District School Board. Your workshop also comes with a $60 bussing subsidy (per bus). 

Please note
Minimum charge 15 students. Cancellation fee applies less than two weeks before booked session. Maximum class size of 60.

How students benefit

  • Authentic experience of creating, developing and empathizing with artworks related to the curriculum using SG's 21st Century Learning Model
  • Participating in cooperative groups to discuss and extend critical thinking
  • Communicating, imaginative problem solving in the creative process
  • Opportunity to access the tools, materials and techniques that make personal artistic expression possible

Fall 2016

The Way the River Flows: Our Blue Footprint

October 21  November 27

12 workshops available (2 classes per workshop)

Inspired by the work of exhibiting artist Anong Migwans Beam, our BIG IDEA looks at the value of water in First Nations culture and history and the value of water to all Canadians.

During this program, students will gain an appreciation and understanding of the deep connections First Nations people have with their natural environment. Students will explore the idea of water as the interconnection among all living things and the importance water holds in First Nations history and stories.
From a local to a global scale, we’ll explore our responsibility and role as a steward of the Earth and examine our Blue Footprint on this delicate and complex issue of conservation vs growth. We’ll discuss the water-related challenges that face First Nations communities and the resulting well-being of our Canadian water resources.

In the studio, we will reflect on the practice of exhibiting artist Anong Migwans Beam and create a personal response to our environment using mixed media and print techniques.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts, Language Arts, Drama, Social Studies, History.

Winter 2017

Black History – Together We Rise

February 4 – March 26

15 workshops available (2 classes per workshop)

As part of a Global Community, we are continually building, transforming and understanding our identities as individuals and cultural groups.  In this full-day, cutting edge Arts Infused workshop we examine our associations to diaspora and hybrid cultural identities through the multi-media, multi-cultured exhibition Together We Rise.

What challenges do we face as a Global Society and how does equity and equality play a role in our existing social framework?  How do the media shape our vision of social cultures and identity?

In true SG style, we will examine, engage and respond to the artworks reflecting on our personal responses.
In the studio, students will use multimedia and printmaking techniques to create a unique visual response to the perceptions of culture and identity.

Curriculum connections: Visual Arts, Language Arts, Social studies, History, Drama.

Arts Infused is generously supported by:

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