Liz Menard: Fallen Leaves
September 10 - October 16 2016

Liz Menard, What the Forest Knows, handmade leaves and monatropa uniflora
Watersheds are living entities with richly layered histories and narratives. In her work, Liz Menard explores watersheds and the boundaries where rivers and cities converge. She is interested in how we are changing rivers and the animals and plants they sustain. Menard draws from her time sketching, photographing and researching watersheds to create etchings, paper sculptures and books. 
This fall, SG is proud to present some of the 3,000 handmade deciduous tree leaves that Menard has handcut, coloured, etched and shaped from Japanese paper since 2010 in response to the Emerald Ash Borer infestation in her Agincourt neighbourhood.