Toni Latour: The Femme Project
May 24 - July 06 2014

Toni Latour: The Femme Project
Shirleen Chandra, transmounted lightjet print, 2010 (detail)

May 24 to July 6, 2014
Artist's Talk and Reception 
May 24, 2014   1:15 pm
Curator's Walk & Talk
June 19, 2014   7pm 
It’s easy to generalize and expect members of a group to be all the same. Our latest exhibition shows just how diverse a group can be. Toni Latour’s The Femme Project is a series of 70 photographs of self-identified queer, femme women who differ in age, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, philosophy and experience. 
The cultural character and vitality of all communities are complex. They are too often identified by resorting to one or two easy statistical facts, clich├ęd narratives or stale pictures.  The Femme Project is an exception. 
Originally from Ontario, artist Toni Latour documents Vancouver’s self-identified queer femme community, focusing specifically on femme identity, representation and politics.
As maker of and participant in the project, Latour is particularly interested in continued research into ideas and experiences that define and complicate the lives of queer femmes.  
The Femme Project is made up of a series of 70 photographs accompanied by wall-mounted text and sound recordings derived from interviews with the participants.  
Combined, the images, text and sound distinguish this group, defining it in a world where invisibility is common. At the same time, the project illustrates the heterogeneous nature of any given group, as the participants range in age, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, philosophy and experience.

See the full work on Toni's website by clicking here